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You may have come to this site because you have a rodent ulcer (basal cell carcinoma, or 'BCC') and are seeking its surgical removal, or because you have an abnormality on your skin and want further information.

I am Professor Carrie Newlands FDSRCS, FRSCEd, FRCS (OMFS), a Consultant Surgeon based in Surrey. I have created this website to offer help to those looking for information about rodent ulcers, also known as basal cell carcinoma, which are skin cancers. I specialise in skin cancer surgery and reconstruction, and have been looking after more than 400 patients each year with rodent ulcers and other skin cancers and skin lesions for over 20 years.

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Please be aware that this site contains photographs of a medical nature, including operations. Links taking you to operative photos are identified, so please only look at them if you feel you will be comfortable doing so. The pictures show skin cancers before surgery, skin cancer operations, and early and settled post-operative appearances.


I am very grateful to all the patients who have consented to have their photos used for educational purposes, and to help future patients.


It may also be helpful to you to read some of the comments gathered from letters my patients have written to me after surgery to remove rodent ulcers.


I also offer advice on how to ensure that you protect your skin from damage by the sun.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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